The Presidential election is fast approaching - we have a choice to make…


One of the two major party presidential candidates will be elected President in less than a month, this November 8 - and will become our next president this coming January. 


One candidate is a real person who never lived his life planning and scheming to become President, who just worked hard, raised some amazing children, and succeeded in the real world private sector, creating and providing jobs and services for real people despite the impediments and roadblocks imposed by government.  


The other candidate has been a politician for 30 years, calculating every move and word and image of a public persona that (while easily debunked as destructive liberal/Marxist ideology) was generally just a façade–which we know now in her own words because of the recent WikiLeaks transcripts of talks she gave behind closed doors to other Two-Faced Wall St. Fat Cats who care nothing about true free-market capitalism, and everything about buying influence (from people like Hillary Clinton). Their (Hillary Clinton, and Wall Street bankers and other Power brokers and influence peddlers) ”crony capitalism" has enabled them to enrich themselves at the expense of nearly everyone else. These elites enriched themselves (and Hillary and her lawless “Clinton Foundation” - which also took bribes from Sharia-based anti-American and anti-female foreign sources, by the way!) while they devalued our currency, making inside deals with amoral politicians like Hillary Clinton, to protect themselves and their interests - even at the cost of our national sovereignty and our borders, in effect at the cost of our financial and national security. 


These insider “crony-capitalism” deals Hillary Clinton has made and will continue to make, are setting the stage for disasters like hyperinflation that will at some point nearly crush us, our children and our grandchildren. There are also deals to allow and promote so-called “Free Trade” (always at America’s expense, and to their own financial benefit) and “Open (unvetted) Borders” which increases unemployment, worsens the entitlement debt crisis (as well as increases our personal and national debt generally). I’m sure Hillary and the Fat-Cats enjoy world-class champaign as they are celebrating their agreements, all the while blithely sacrificing our jobs, our middle class wealth, and our physical security. No surprise Hillary is now quoted publicly as saying she is (obviously!) out of touch with middle class America. 


Starting out in her career as a young attorney, she may have done some despicable things (her trashing the 12 year-old rape victim Kathy Shelton, and then later laughing bout it all), but at least she was working at that time, as most of us in the middle class do (hers was, even then though, a government job - no idea what running a productive business in the real world of the private sector involves!!). Her “cronyism” started early - she didn’t remain a public defender attorney for long, having married an equally ambitious young attorney who was elected governor of a very small state, one that could be controlled by someone willing to throw their political weight around. That someone was Bill Clinton. The team of Bill and Hillary Clinton quickly took advantage of their new power, with Hillary being hired on at the Rose Law Firm (likely, apparently, due to her position as First Lady of Arkansas, and not her legal prowess), earning a substantial salary for very little productive work. Then next, after her husband was elected President (many many questions remain about that process, the things that were done to win that election), she wielded immense authority and influence as First Lady, setting the stage for her next level of cronyism. 


After leaving the White House (after eight years that included her husband’s impeachment, and Hillary’s lead role in smearing threatening and defaming the women her husband the President had sexually molested and even raped) and having set up a powerful network of power players, financiers, and political hacks and advisers in their time in governor’s mansion in Little Rock and then the White House, Hillary – with her husband Bill at her side – wasted no time in parlaying her position as the powerful former First Lady (who knew secrets that powerful people wished to keep secret) into a winning run for the US Senate from New York State (a state that was certainly not her home in any way save a technicality). 


Next, after losing the Democratic primary race (a total shock to her - that “race” had seemed to trump her entitlement to the nomination!) to Barak Obama in 2008, she prepared for her next run for the presidency, for ultimate power. She shrewdly arranged to become Secretary of State, which gave her access to foreign leaders and power players the world over in a way that she had perhaps not had as simply the First Lady. She quickly began buying influence – with "Pay for Play" meetings with foreign leaders and financiers who purchased their access to her, with contributions to her so-called charitable foundation, the Bill Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, which, if not protected by the despotically powerful Clintons, would have you been by now disbanded, and everyone associated with that on trial for corruption and malfeasance as well as tax fraud. The brave attorney general for the state of New York is apparently still reviewing this situation. We will hope and pray that he has more integrity then FBI director Comie who basically laid out the case for Hillary Clinton's crimes and the need to prosecute those crimes, and then buried it all. 


The things Director Comie buried were actions taken by Hillary Clinton that anyone with an ounce of integrity would have viewed as serious crimes that deserved vigorous prosecution, actions related to her illegal use of private servers, her illegal destruction of government records, her illegal destruction of subpoenaed evidence, and on and on. These were acts were not only illegal, but highly immoral in that they put our very national security at risk, and likely caused the death of a number of undercover US foreign operatives and agents. 


But in the end, the deep corruption surfaced, and Director Comie chose to refuse to turn over the case to the appropriate prosecution authorities. And as a further note in all of this corruption, the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who would have been in charge of the prosecution, met with Hillary's husband, former President Bill Clinton privately just before the decision by Director Comie to decline to turn over Hillary's case to the Attorney General for prosecution. In and of itself the Attorney General's meeting with former President Clinton was highly unethical if not illegal, but to compound that, the Attorney General could have insisted that she have the case for review regardless of director Comie’s opinion. After the attorney General’s meeting with former President Clinton, that type of action of course never occurred. 


If one understands the way things work in Washington DC, it would be naïve not to add that all this corruption benefiting Hillary Clinton, had to have been approved by the Obama Administration! The motivations behind the decision by Obama to allow this travesty have not yet been revealed, but there can be no doubt that Barak Obama feels it is in his best interest to protect Hillary Clinton at any cost, including the integrity of the Presidency, and our entire Executive Branch. 


And so as we weigh the decision this November, who we will choose to support in this unique race for the presidency, who will get our vote to be the next President of the United States, we should ask ourselves: Do we want a real, authentic American person as President,  a real person who has lived authentically if imperfectly in the real world, who has succeeded in the real world of the private sector where the vast majority of us Americans live and work, who knows how to accomplish real things for real people, a person who has not taken bribes from foreign leaders, who wants to instead make our country safe again by calling out radical Islamic terrorists and doing whatever it takes to defeat Isis and their supporters around the world, who will defend the sovereignty of United States by defending our borders as the Constitution calls for, who will support our law-enforcement officers rather than encouraging their harassment and destruction, who will vigorously support our  Second Amendment right to bear arms along with a defense of the rest of the Constitution as well, who will appoint Supreme Court Justices who understand that the Constitution is vital to us remaining America and believing that our precious Constitution is that"paper-thin line" between us and despotism and tyranny, who will rebuild our tattered military and enhance our national security rather than intentionally jeopardizing it, who will instruct his executive branch to appropriately prosecute an obvious criminal like Hillary Clinton, who will swear truthfully at his Presidential inauguration this coming January to defend and protect the Constitution of United States to the best of his ability, and by doing so, to truly “Make America Great Again”—might we make this choice? 


For me, it has become an easy choice - it is a choice between, on the one hand, a real person who loves America and has given up a lot for just the hope, the possibility of being elected to help give Americans the tools we need to rebuild this once great nation - and on the other hand, a phony power-hungry leftist who destroys anyone (starting with a 12 yo little girl named Kathy Shelton, and moving on from there) who might seem to be in her path toward ultimate power - and will make deals and will sell-out anyone and anything including your financial and national and personal safety and security and that of her own country, for her personal gain and power, who cares nothing about the foundations of America was built on, who would appoint justices to the Supreme Court who disrespect the actual meaning of the Constitution and would seek to rewrite it with their own words and ideas, who seems to personally despise and care nothing for our Constitution (other than trying to misuse and hide behind their own words and meaning  when it's convenient) and who would be blatantly lying once again were she to rest her hand on a Bible at the next Presidential inauguration in January, and “swear to uphold, defend and protect our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”. With all we know about her ideas, her beliefs, her life history, her writings, and the people she supports as Supreme Court Justices as well as those of influence in and out of the government, protecting and defending our Constitution simply would not happen with Hillary Clinton as President! 


(Footnote: It is nearly impossible to keep up fully with the daily revelations of the collusion of Hillary Clinton and her minions with a now openly propagandist media who are determined to slant distort cover fabricate and lie in order to see that Hillary Clinton becomes President. We have now fresh daily confirmation of so much of what we feared and believed about Hillary Clinton - her double speak to “the people” vs to the elites on the “inside”,  her determination to keep the American people uninformed and docile and submissive in order to swallow her liberal leftist lies, her now out in the open distain for “regular Americans”, and generally her willingness to lie about anything and everything in order to get the votes she needs to consolidate ultimate power and become President. As we review what she has done and gotten away with without being President, just try to imagine what she will try to do, and will do with the power of the Presidency in her grasp!)


May God grant wisdom and be gracious to us as individuals, and as a nation as we individually and collectively exercise this rather unique in human history opportunity and responsibility to choose for ourselves our next President.



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