Dear Friends,

To me, to us at Freedom Family and, these three things -- Freedom, Family and Faith -- are seen to be the foundations, the pillars on which this great nation, this great and good society, was built on. These are the pillars that support my life, and perhaps yours as well.

If any one of these three pillars is taken away, the Foundation, and so the whole house, is put at risk. As Jefferson wrote in our Declaration of Independence, some truths are just self-evident (to ‘anyone who has eyes to see’). 


It seems to me that Freedom has allowed us as Americans to dream, to explore, to innovate--to go as far as our God-given talents and His grace will take us. Today, as perhaps never before, there is a concerted assault on Freedom. This assault takes many forms--sometimes blatant and sometimes subtle, but each assault must be resisted!


Much of the motivation for succeeding, for "making a better life” is because of the commitment to family. There is nothing in this world more precious to me than my family! There is no question now that societies function best when families are intact, strong, respected, and free to make choices for themselves. An assault on the family whether cultural or governmental is a direct attack on this nation, an attack that we ignore at our peril. I encourage each of us to not only support policies that support and strength families, but also to recommit personally to the strengthening of our individual families. 


And what about Faith? Has humankind evolved to a place where God is no longer needed--let alone believed in? Have we done so well in the past 100 years, that our forefathers’ words and warnings no longer have relevance and application? Is it safe now to ignore the truth that our nation was founded on Biblical principles, expressed by nearly all at the time of our founding? Have the beliefs of many at our Constitutional Convention that only Providence could have brought forth this nation and its Constitution become obsolete? Do we now feel safe to ignore Jefferson's warning that self government cannot survive without that people generally believing in a "Higher Authority" Who sees all they do? Do we now discount George Washington's confession that faith in Jesus and trust in the merits of His sacrifice are what sustain us in times of mortal trial? Are we beyond Abraham Lincoln who said that only the hand of The Almighty sustained him and this nation through a great Civil War? No, this is not a matter of proof--but evidence for faith in a very real, personal, all-knowing, powerful and ultimately fully good God--is overwhelming.

As the blessing of God's favor over his servant David spilled over to successive generations, so too have the blessings accorded our founding generation poured down to us. But just as the generations who succeeded David forgot God, and the blessings were eventually fully rescinded (allowing for the captivity of his nation Israel), so may the blessings of our founders be finally running out in our day, as our nation publicly turns from God, and our leaders declare that we are (no longer) a “Christian nation”. Perhaps we are not--and our shield is being removed. Or, I pray, perhaps we will instead be part of a rebirth of Godliness--of hope and goodness, of prayer, and of blessings that will  revive this nation and its people, and breath life and healing and Freedom to people around the world!

As you see up-dates posted here on this site about things related to the Freedom Family and Faith project, about my life and about my family and friends, and read commentaries on issues or events, please remember that above it all, my prayer, my hope is that you and your family will be blessed to know the joy, the privilege, of living lives of meaning, of purpose, of deepening friendships and commitments to each other and to our God--in this nation of Freedom Family and Faith--"One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all"! 

May God bless you always,

And may God bless The United States of America

Ricky Lee Jackson

aka Rick Jackson, MD

What Fox News Says About Ricky Lee Jackson:

"He’s the new Joe the Plumber; now there's Rick the Doctor...
Some have joined Tea Parties, stormed town halls, others like family practice physician and country recording artist Ricky Lee Jackson have taken to the microphone... 
he wants his country back." 
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