Sometimes the Christmas season seems to sneak up on me--I'm thinking that "this year, since I've been through 'so many' Christmases, it will probably be no big deal really--I've heard all the songs a thousand times, I get 'the story'--have it down pretty well by now. The 'giving thing' (ya, that's good and all, but shouldn't we be doing that all year anyway?). The decorations and lights have been up and down (mostly down) more than my stock market account. I know all the really good Christmas movie classics as well as I know the faces of the pharmaceutical reps that come to my office regularly. There's just no way it's going to really touch me this year, this time…"

And then…that song--you know, the one you only hear this time of year, not on every playlist maybe…But there it is…speaking to the deepest parts of your heart, your soul, your spirit--the parts that force you to feel and remember and know what it means to be truly human, to be designed and created in the image of, and for, the Divine. All year we allow those 'walls' to grow and thicken and harden--yes, we sympathize, maybe even edge toward a little empathy (if “it” hits close enough to home), we may, somewhat against our will, allow a tear to reluctantly escape its “proper storage reservoir”--only to quickly regain our composure and “control.” But “that song” is playing again, now, in this unique season, and I have to listen--with more than my ears. I am drawn into the deep, into a connection with my heart and soul where a Holy Spirit is waiting for me--so patiently waiting for me for what could feel like, and be, an eternity, before this season has once again dawned, with it's unique and Holy access points. "Why can't every day be like Christmas?" was the cry of a beautiful Christmas song sung by Elvis--indeed.

But maybe those “lesser days,” those “not Christmas" days, could be, even ever so slightly, “something more like” the days of this Christmas season. Every step towards the real, the deep, the vulnerably true, is worth the effort (the letting go, really, of our false sense of “control,” of our fear of being hurt and wounded by events, circumstances--even, and perhaps especially by, fellow brothers and sisters we journey with). Made in God's image, we were made to live with abandon, to love and forgive with abandon, to fully live in, and expect, and experience healing and resurrection (even if we have been “crucified” in some way!). To the extent we run from our truest selves, from our unshakable identity in and from Christ our maker (hence the “loving attack of the real” that hits me especially deeply at CHRIST'S MASS time!) we will feel a void, an unsettledness, a longing for something, Someone more, that we've been allowing our fears to keep “safely at bay” (at least from the depth of vulnerable relationship we were designed for). Yes, I'm all in again this Christmas season--Thank You Lord!  And Lord, if I in some way, or to some degree foolishly “waste” this next post-Christmas year, please find a way next Christmas to once again draw be back to Your vulnerable deep, Your real. Don't give up on me, and on those You ask me to pray for. Our truest heart's desire is for more of YOU--and You never fail!

With thanks for Christmas,
With real love,
Ricky Lee Jackson

What Fox News Says About Ricky Lee Jackson:

"He’s the new Joe the Plumber; now there's Rick the Doctor...
Some have joined Tea Parties, stormed town halls, others like family practice physician and country recording artist Ricky Lee Jackson have taken to the microphone... 
he wants his country back." 
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