Dear Friends,

President Obama, on the campaign trail recently, stated that self-interest was morally indefensible––I take exception to that. He also stated that in a just society everyone should play by the same rules. I do support that, which of course would negate affirmative action and the corporate cronyism that he has so flagrantly supported. Constitutional liberty-based free-market capitalism, implemented within a moral society, must and should involve self-interest. Ones mortal, as well as eternal, self-interest is certainly a motivation even Christ understood and acknowledged as he reminded us to love others as we love ourselves. Altruism, kindness, and generosity are morally worthless if they are not done from a non-coerced spirit of love (something that only an individual can freely choose to do, as opposed to a requirement that government imposes by threat or use of force).

We must constantly be on guard for the misuse of language. Making pleasant sounding statements that are anathema to our heritage and to truth itself cannot be left unchallenged.

God Bless you all,

Ricky Lee Jackson

(AKA: Rick the Doctor) 

What Fox News Says About Ricky Lee Jackson:

"He’s the new Joe the Plumber; now there's Rick the Doctor...
Some have joined Tea Parties, stormed town halls, others like family practice physician and country recording artist Ricky Lee Jackson have taken to the microphone... 
he wants his country back." 
~ Fox and Friends / Fox News

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