With the passage and implementation of ObamaCare, I feel compelled to make the above statement, and write this blog. Without getting into the myriad of details that are involved here, ObamaCare was, in summary, unconstitutionally designed and written, unconstitutionally introduced as legislation, unconstitutionally voted on, and then upheld by the Supreme Court in a manner that flew in the face of logic, precedent, judicial prudence, and the Constitution itself. Once enacted, ObamaCare has been enforced in an unconstitutional manner, with unconstitutional and non-legal exemptions, with hundreds of illegal partial and selective implementation orders and actions taken by President Obama and his administration, and on and on this goes.

So with this backdrop, let's begin…

For the record, I have plenty of friends and acquaintances who consider themselves to be Democrats, many actually registered as Democrats.

To many Americans, the reasonable and moderate position to take in deciding who to cast their vote for in any particular election, at any level--local or national--would be to try not to vote by party label, but simply vote “for the person.” If one of these persons happens to have a "D" by their name on the ballot, and the voter otherwise generally supports another political party, they might be persuaded to vote for that candidate with an "D" beside their name if they felt the candidate was "a good person.”

I believe I understand quite well the motivation in that type of choice, but at this time in our political history I believe that (for me at least) I should not, cannot, vote for any candidate affiliated with the Democrat Party, whatever that person might say or believe personally. While I may respect and like these folks as individuals, as acquaintances, friends, and even family members, at this point in our political history I must state that I could not vote for these good people for elective office--nor anyone else who has a "D" by their name on the ballot. I can enjoy their company, help and support them and their families personally, socialize with them, worship with them, and in every way be their friend, but I would not be able to vote for them because of what the leadership and philosophy of the national Democrat Party has become.

Unfortunately in our current time, voting for a Democrat at any level strengthens that political party and it's influence at all levels, bolstering a philosophy and political machine that is fundamentally at odds with our "founding principles,” the majority of "regular" Americans, as well as the political and governing philosophy of so many decent patriotic Democrats in prior times. Today's national Democrat Party thoroughly repudiates--in action if not always in words-- some of their greatest predecessors including John F. Kennedy. The current iteration of the Democratic Party that promotes division, dependence, and an ever-increasing size and intrusiveness of government at all levels, would have no room for John F. Kennedy's commonsense take on political and economic reality, as he enacted one of the largest tax cuts in our history, declaring the self-evident truth that no country can tax itself into prosperity, and that lowering taxes benefits all Americans by increasing employment and commerce and the overall economy. Today's Democrat Party would certainly not have wanted President Kennedy's inaugural address to talk about Americans being productive and responsible as he did, declaring "Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country!" He believed that the best way to help people was to provide the economic conditions for growth, and for employment and profits that allow for growth and prosperity.

Today's Democrat Party, in contrast, is not embarrassed by its policies that have caused half of our population to become dependent on government handouts, with one half of the population paying no income tax--causing them to be divorced from the direct effects of ever rising and confiscatory taxation policies. Of course those on the receiving end, those who are not paying into the system, are also hurt by this perverse system (as a very brave young man, actor Ashton Kutcher, has been speaking about so boldly recently), as they become mired in an economic and cultural and moral downward spiral that results from becoming dependent on and beholden to "government" (in truth, dependent upon assets transferred to them by force from their fellow citizens who have been working hard, often deferring their own gratification, trying to earn and save and invest for themselves, their children, and their communities).

Americans have been, throughout their history, the most generous people on the face of the earth, and have supported the type of "safety net" that would be there for those who truly cannot fend for themselves--who have no other possible option than to accept charity from their fellow citizens. But those providing the charity would appreciate those receiving it, who truly have no other option, to say "thank you,” and understand and acknowledge that it is charity rather than a right. Today's Democratic Party actively discourages anything like that, and in fact encourages an entitlement mentality that eventually, if not right away, saps the vitality and moral fortitude it takes to do whatever it takes to "make it" as an independent productive human being, without long-term dependence on others (whether government or private charity).

The Democrat Party of today claims to be the party of "choice," but a strong case can be made that today's Democrat Party wants to take away your most important choices--the choice to be born if your mom doesn't want you, your choice of doctor and health insurance plan, your choice to try to fight a difficult disease and maybe win, and soon, the choice as an elderly person to keep living, to extend your life.

Today's Democrat Party has taken advantage of a great "flaw" in democracy, a flaw that de Tocqueville spoke about in the mid-1800s, the same flaw that devastated great cultures and civilizations throughout history. That potentially fatal flaw becomes visible when greater than 50% of the population have discovered that they can simply vote themselves whatever they want out of the pockets of the productive minority of the populace. Once the cycle of legally "stealing" (redistributing) starts, unless there is a moral awakening within the people and an understanding that this is not only morally reprehensible, but in the end, destructive and unsustainable, the end of that culture and that civilization is in sight.

Like a parent speaking to a child about difficult truths that must be told, those in positions of power and leadership should be telling Americans the truth about where we are as a nation and a society, and where we are heading--that going in debt multiple trillions of dollars on the current budget, printing tens of billions of dollars a month electronically out of thin air, and promising $90 trillion to future citizen in benefits that have no hope of being produced and paid for, in order to get elected and remain in power, is morally reprehensible as well as the way to financial and social collapse.

Watching our leaders promote economic and cultural dishonesty over and over, it should have been no surprise to find out (many of us were certain this was the case all along) that President Obama and his administration had looked the American people in the eye, and blatantly lied about something that we care so much about--our healthcare and our healthcare system (not to mention this law’s shredding of our privacy, our liberty, and our pocketbooks!). In order to get elected, reelected, and move their central "command and control" socialist/Marxist agenda rapidly forward, President Obama and his people felt he had to lie to us--to tell us that the 2000 page bill that no one except his administration had read, a law that would totally alter the dynamics and economics of our healthcare system (with the documented, admitted goal of destroying the private healthcare system and replacing it with a fully government-run and controlled system), was anything BUT what he was telling us!

President Obama and the national Democrat Party knew full well that passing ObamaCare would destroy the private healthcare insurance market. They knew full-well ObamaCare would cost trillions more than promised, cause massive job losses, cause over 90 million Americans to lose their health care coverage (and tens of millions more to have their health insurance costs skyrocket), wreak havoc on the already strained Medicare system, and lead to the eventual government takeover of 1/6 of the US economy represented by "healthcare.” So, President Obama and his administration, with the support of the national Democrat Party simply lied, promising that the new system would save you money, help more people get insurance, and that if you liked what you had before the law took place, you could keep it. The Democrats in the US House and Senate helped sell the “Big Lie,” and passed the ObamaCare law over the objection of EVERY Republican in the House and the Senate—without ONE Republican vote (so much for “bipartisanship”)!

"If you like your health care plan, you can keep it. PERIOD! If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. PERIOD!" Obama told us with a straight face, with all the sincerity and passion that all the great demagogues of history have learned to use. Well, guess what? Every bit of it was premeditated lies. These are the same dishonest people who tell you that higher and higher taxes, larger and larger deficits, and more and more dependency on government is the way to go. "Trust us, it will all work out!,” they say--like all good hucksters and charlatans do.

The bitter truth is just now starting to hit home to millions of Americans who are losing their health insurance or having their premiums skyrocket. This monstrous travesty, ObamaCare (and more broadly, all their Marxist redistribution policies) not only will not likely "work out,” but by all the laws of reason, human nature, history, mathematics, physics and economics, CANNOT work out! Can the signs of the coming social cultural and political Armageddon, the coming meltdown be disguised and perhaps delayed for a time? Perhaps. But not forever. All the "Quantitative Easing,” the digitally adding of billions of "fake" unsupported dollars to our economy every month to artificially keep the stock markets from crashing, trillions of empty worthless IOUs waiting for unsuspecting and trusting Americans--how "mean-spirited,” how morally reprehensible for these leftist politicians and "thought leaders" to essentially guarantee that the lives of our children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be burdened and haunted, if not devastated, by the dishonest policies and lies they are promulgating and promoting today--all for the sake of expanding the power, position, and control exerted by liberal politicians!

What discussion of today's Democratic Party would be complete without at least a mention of foreign-policy? Conservatives, and liberals, and libertarians in general, may have differences over issues of foreign-policy. That's fine. But the current leadership of the Democrat Party nationally, in charge of our military and our foreign-policy at this time, seem hell-bent on putting this nation's security at dire and mortal risk. It's one thing to streamline and modernize, it's another thing to "gut" and decimate our national defenses. This president seems more comfortable apologizing to foreign leaders and "one world" international organizations that are irrationally jealous of us, and who hate us, than he is apologizing to his fellow Americans for the blatant and destructive lies he told us to get elected.

With that, I will now return to my point--back to my reasons for voting or not voting for this or that individual candidate for political office.

With the desperate situation we find ourselves in as a nation and as a culture, (and I believe this "edge of the abyss" is a hard cold fact, not a theoretical opinion, whether or not we are able to see it clearly, or whether the truth is partially or even fully hidden from us), we don't have the luxury, the time, to let this national leftist "stage 4 cancer" which has been caused, promoted and spread by the philosophy and policies of the modern radical Democratic Party, continue unopposed and unchecked at any level, in any form. And just like the patient fighting stage 4 cancer, nothing in this fight for survival can be taken for granted. Every treatment option, every avenue of opposing this national cancer, every weapon that might possibly combat the rapidly advancing disease must be utilized to have a possibility of stopping the progression of this type of relentless, and likely fatal national trajectory and condition.

As I say these things, I do so with some justifiable degree of reluctance and hesitation. In my personal life, I certainly prefer to have people like me, to avoid making waves, and to try generally to "let things be.” I realize that speaking out like this will not likely win me a lot of friends, and will in fact cause a lot of people to misunderstand my motives, and disparage me. But to stand by silently, when imminent tragedy faces us as individuals and as a nation, is something I simply cannot do--whatever the cost.

We are here today, with the prosperity, liberty and safety we still enjoy, because innumerable Americans before us refused to take the easy way out. Our heritage began with those who braved the seas in a little ship called the Mayflower, and next came those who dared to stand up to King George and the British monarchy--the greatest military power in the world of its day. Then came those brave Americans who stood up to totalitarianism in World War I and World War II, followed by all of the patriotic hard-working honest Americans who followed "The Greatest Generation,” who were also unwilling to stand silently by when they heard the call to stand and speak and act in the defense of our God-given right to live as free people, to sacrifice and do whatever was needed in order to, as the preamble to our Constitution states, "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves, and our posterity!”

I do hope and pray that the philosophy and leadership of the Democratic Party changes, and once again it might be safe and reasonable for us as Americans to simply decide to "vote for the person,” and not worry about party labels. For me, and perhaps for you if you think about it for a while, it is not yet again safe or wise to indulge this desire.

May God bless each of us, whatever our political understanding and affiliation, and may God give us wisdom and understanding in these difficult and challenging times. And certainly, may God bless and restore the United States of America.

Ricky Lee Jackson, MD

Regarding ObamaCare and my own medical practice:

As I have been warning for years now, due to the expansion of government interference in healthcare generally, and ObamaCare specifically, there will be changes, severe disruptions--for patients, doctors, and employers (as well as for politicians eventually, who have promoted this travesty). As I have been sounding the alarm for over three years, I have been trying to analyze, and prayerfully consider how I am “called" to adjust to this travesty I (we) did not ask for. I am in the process of finalizing the plans for changes our practice needs to make in response to the conditions we are all faced with today as citizens, physicians, and patients (one decision we have cemented is to NOT be a part of Obama's exchanges). I'll be letting our patients know, and other physicians know, how we need to proceed, in the next few weeks and months. We plan to be around for a long long time at Ashbrook, but we will not simply proceed with business as usual. Mr. Obama has tried to force his ideas of change on us, and now, we will respond, NOT as slaves of an all-powerful central state, but instead, in our own ways, as individuals created in God’s image--as free moral agents, endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights!

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