Thanksgiving is a Great Time to Remember!

Thanksgiving is a great time to remember, and to be grateful for what is, and for what has been. Thanksgiving and praise are the gateway into the presence of God, and in His presence, flooded with a sense of His love for us, His kindness, His grace, and His ultimate good plans for us, we are invited to ask, to pray– for “the more” that He wants to give. And lest we begin to doubt His ability to answer those prayers, those yearnings of our hearts–the yearnings that He placed in side of us–we are invited to remember, to recall past answers to our prayers– answers that may have taken longer to answer then we would have thought, might’ve been answered in a different way than we would have envisioned, but in the end more often have been more amazing and glorious than we could even have hoped for. So many things we simply accept as routine parts of our everyday lives, started out as prayers and yearnings of our hearts. I remember praying for God to provide a life companion for me who would be someone He knew would be good for me, someone who would be a wonderful partner, someone who knew the value of covenant and commitment, who would join me in pursuing excellence, in raising a family that would bless His heart, His Kingdom and His world. I prayed to get into medical school. I prayed to start a private business–that banks would lend me money, that family and friends would step up to support that crazy new venture, that it might last at least 10 years. From God’s point of view, and now looking back after a lot more than 10 years, my prayers were actually a little bit small.

When a family member was in crisis years ago, we prayed for breakthrough. Not only was that prayer answered, but through the process our family learned so much how about honest communication, about the importance of demonstrating love and affection more openly, about the power of something as simple as a hug and the spoken words ”I love you”.

We prayed that if our sons were meant to be in Hollywood, it would drive them deeper into the arms of God, that they would be a light in that darkness. And all that has happened.

The timing and the methods for our prayers being answered were often (usually!) not what we might have envisioned–but those answers were in the end, magnificent! And through each venture into taking our need before God, so much more was accomplished in our hearts beyond the answer to our specific prayers. Through that often desperate process of praying, asking, hoping and believing, we came to see that God answered some prayers we initially didn’t even realize we were praying–prayers for a deeper surrender to Him, a letting go of ANYTHING (even some very good things) that we might’ve subtly put before Him, as “lesser gods”. Through all of this we learned to truly depend on God alone, to invite the reality and power and comfort of the Holy Spirit into our lives in a way we might not have otherwise done. We’ve learned to pray for the outrageous, the impossible, the miraculous. In our circle we’ve been blessed to witnessed so much–miraculous healings, relationships restored, overcoming “impossible” infertility, and even miraculous events within the court and legal system.

Are we promised to see every prayer we pray answered as we expect it to be answered, in the way we expect it might (“should”??) be anwered? No– God is bigger than even our understanding of our true need, and our limited understanding of prayer. I don’t believe I am guaranteed the answers to all my prayers just as I pray them, and certainly not always necessarily in this lifetime. But I know He invites my prayers, inspires my prayers, and loves to answer our prayers!

So as we offer up prayers for this next new season, some prayers that might also seem nearly impossible to have answered, let’s remember– That nothing is too big or too wonderful for our God to accomplish–in His time, in His way!

 Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

And “Thank You”, for your prayers!






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"He’s the new Joe the Plumber; now there's Rick the Doctor...
Some have joined Tea Parties, stormed town halls, others like family practice physician and country recording artist Ricky Lee Jackson have taken to the microphone... 
he wants his country back." 
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