Christmas 2015 thoughts.
As I was thinking about our Christmas time together this year, I started asking myself – "What is the most important thing to remember during this Christmas time?" The thing that came to mind this year, was worship – what or who we worship.
I know Christmas is a lot about generosity, about kindness and giving gifts, and learning to receive gifts, how God gave the gift of his Son to this earth on Christmas.
But above and beyond that, I think we are being asked to remember that so much of our journey comes down to worship. In the "Garden", we chose false gods -- self, and a lying spirit that was not God, was anything but God.
In the Christmas narrative, we see the angels worshiping God in the form of a helpless baby. The form God chooses to take, how He chooses to reveal Himself to us, is often not what we would expect. Wisemen worshipped this vulnerable infant king -- shepherds came and worshipped Him as well.
Fast forward a little bit to Revelation, and we see that worship, worshiping the one true God, remains the central theme.
Why do we worship Him? Because He is worthy, because He is good, above and beyond anything we can imagine as good. He loves us, He created us, He has died for us, and He has humbled Himself and become one of us in order to save us. He is worthy of our worship!
So if I'm tempted to subtly worship anything else this season – stuff, money, celebrity, even the good and the best people in my life – I am missing the boat, I am missing the heart of Christmas.
So together let's recommit to making our worship of not only the baby Jesus, but the crucified and risen and soon coming Jesus, our joyful focus this Christmas and always!
Merry and Blessed Christmas,


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