I don't often write commentary or reviews of movies--my family and friends often seem frustrated that I take issue with so many aspects of so many movies, and so, rarely give a rousing endorsement to a film. For me, very few movies combine the elements of writing, production, acting--and theme or "message" in a way that I not only appreciate personally, but would recommend to others. One particular type of movie that is often a disappointment to me involves the retelling of a well-known story. In order to have the film seem new and impactful, there is often the temptation it seems, for the teller to go for shock, or some 'new twist' to make an old story interesting or 'relevant'. 

With this background, let me say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the new "Cinderella" film recently released, that for me at least, had all "the elements"! This well-known story was told in a beautiful, fresh way that was true to the original story, an yet came alive in some new ways. And in addition to the great writing, acting, cinematography and music, the film-makers were not afraid to let wonderful messages that mean so much to me--messages of faith, endurance, hope, joy, and forgiveness in spite of the unfairness of circumstance--shine through brilliantly. So many themes of family, of love that transcends earthly separation and even death; of the ultimate triumph of good over evil--these themes and more I found boldly championed in this little film. 

Is this a "chick flick", or a film for starry-eyed little girls? Perhaps. But it is so much more. Its also a "man's man" film. Real men will identify with so many of the film's themes. A father's sacrifice, that we also are so willing to make for our children. The pursuit of a soulmate and life partner that involves the whole-hearted pursuit of real love, a love that that looks beyond the merely superficials of wealth or position to find the genuine and lasting treasure of true character. Any of us "guy's guys" who have had a daughter, would likely identify with and be touched and moved by the bond of love and appreciation Cinderella had for her dad in this story. And as well, we can be inspired by the Prince who would not compromise his heart for the expedience of empire or earthy gain, or to placate his peers or even his superiors. 

Just a few of my thoughts, my reactions to one little film--a film that I believe touched beautifully and powerfully on some great and eternal themes.

Ricky Lee

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