We made it--2016! 

This year will see great change--a new president elected, and so much else we will have not expected or predicted--in the world, our nation, our communities, and in our own lives personally. 
So as I begin this new year, I am sharing a prayer I've prayed for this new year...

"2015 was an an amazing year of testing, of trial, and of victories--Thank You, Lord! 
I want to live in 2016, more and more, moment by moment, how You, Lord, have designed and purposed me to live. Circumstances, what others think, mere wants, hurts, etc tend to distract me more than I truly want. My prayer is that I will live life as You, Papa, wish for me--praying that those lesser things do not unduly influence me. I want to think, believe, and act from from Your motivations--not from my broken places. I know Your grace will cover my failures, my incompleteness--and this covering causes me to love You more and more. But I want to love You, even more, simply for Your kind friendship, Your passionate heart towards me, Your very good plans for me; for the good You will to accomplish in, through, and with me in this new year. 
I love You, Lord--bless You, Lord, and bless Your precious family that I'm a part of--this new year and always!
In Jesus' name,

Bless you, each one, this new year, and always,


What Fox News Says About Ricky Lee Jackson:

"He’s the new Joe the Plumber; now there's Rick the Doctor...
Some have joined Tea Parties, stormed town halls, others like family practice physician and country recording artist Ricky Lee Jackson have taken to the microphone... 
he wants his country back." 
~ Fox and Friends / Fox News

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